Sunday, May 27, 2007

Quotes About Poetry

Pris has tagged me with this: “Give us at least 10 quotations pertaining to poetry - from 10 different writers &/or poets which best coincide with your philosophy vis a vis ars poetica. They can be posthumous or otherwise. The order is not important - unless it is to you.” Here are eight that are always in my head.

* Poetry is the act of "shining a lamp on the little things in life to a world afflicted with disinterest." --- So Chong Ju, one of Korea's greatest poets. This quote, along with the next one by June Jordan, is on my syllabus when I teach poetry.

* Poetry is a revolutionary blueprint. --- June Jordan. The late inspirational poet activist from Berkeley.

* There is a place the leftover love must go. There is a place the leftover anger must go. --- Alice Walker, whose first book of poems, Once, was one of the first books of poetry that made me think I wanted to write.

* Readers of poetry worm their way into immeasurable realities. --- Octavio Paz

* We must risk delight. --- Jack Gilbert

These last three are the section break epigraphs, in order, from my book:

* It is not enough to suffer. We must also be in touch with the wonders of this world. --- Thich Nhat Hanh

* You are the music while the music lasts. --- T.S. Eliot

* Enjoy yourself. It's later than you think. --- Chinese Proverb

If you want to be tagged, so be it.


Pris said...

I knew you would come up with beautiful ones. I especially love 'You are the music while the music lasts'.

Wonderful choices.

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks, Pris. It was fun to write these out.

s-y said...

I like them all. Especially the last one.

Emmy said...

thanks for these... alice walker's quote will be in my mind tonight.

Lee Herrick said...

good, emmy. it's one of my favorites.

s-y, I like it too. i try to live by this as much as possible.

sume said...

Well darn, I de-linked this blog thinking you were going to move to your new domain. Let me just go and undo that.

Love the quotes you listed, especially the last three.

Congrats on a fantastic new domain, too! I'm digging your website.

Michael Parker said...

Love these quotes, especially June Jordan's.

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks, Michael.

Sume, thank you! My friend who did the website will eventually be moving my blog to the new domain, but I think it will be a short while til we do that. glad you like it!

jenni said...

These are so awesome! Especially Love the Gilbert, Hanh, and the Chinese Proverb.

Lee Herrick said...

thanks, jenni!