Friday, May 25, 2007

We Are Here

Like listening to Bob Marley sing "Three Little Birds" on the beach, a match when you need it, a high school friend. Music can save you & so can other things, like a dying engine, ink, & the rush when the ball meets your foot in perfect stride. Then, what comes after the saving? Grace? More music? New songs? Tonight it is beautiful. We are alive and conscious, right? There is a squirrel outside determined to get the last of the seeds. The purple flowers I planted are hanging on. Mercurial levels of light in the room tonight. I am imagining laughter in Kabul & in South Korea, a family on the new train to the north. Tonight I am thinking how massive it is that we are here. Let's float a while. & what of music? I do not know a poet whose life excludes music. I don't trust a person without a song in their head.

This is the video for one of my favorite songs ("Car") by one of my favorite groups ("Built to Spill") that I will post on a beautiful night (tonight) for you beautiful survivors (adoptees everywhere). Ramble on.


Pris said...

Hi Lee
I'm tagging you to do some quotes about poetry. Knew you could find good ones. See the blog I'll have up in about 15 minutes:-)


maria hee said...

dear lee,
i found your blog through someone else's, and had to leave a comment. it's wonderful to read what you write - and was browsing through some of your poems. lovely.

//maria hee

Lee Herrick said...

pris, i'll try to do the quotes soon. hope all's well out there.

maria, thank you for leaving me a comment and for your compliment. i checked out your blog----beautiful drawing there! stay in touch.

Pris said...

PS I love this vid! Powerful?!