Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On Guitar & Good Music

I sing in my car---loudly and poorly---& yes, I know most of the words, & yes, the songs are better with guitar. You can begin with early blues if you want--& yes I remember Kurt Cobain and that second record, the angular guitar of Stephen Malkmus, Isaac Brock, Doug Martsch---& the years of the heavy things from Tom Morello, Adam from Tool, heck, I used to love AC/DC but the t-shirts now are strange---wasn't sure there would be good music to love, but there's always good music to love, how in the world can you not remember a song? hey Jason Lytle, how about a reunion, even Ben Harper, yes, I like Ben Harper. & yes to James Iha! so I like music with guitar---Liz Phair, Kim Deal, PJ Harvey, hey. Yes. I remember you. There's nothing like live music. If you know of new bands who use guitar well, please advise. Somehow all this has transferred to my daughter, who loves music and begins to dance whenever music comes on---she seems to like Beck at the moment. Although yes, I might be projecting.


soon-young said...

It's a cute site to imagine your daughter dancing to Beck!

Lee Herrick said...

It's really cute, Soon-Young. The second the music comes on, she starts to wobble back and forth and gets a big smile on her face.

soonyoung said...

Oh my gosh that's precious!