Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cat Photo and Other Things

From L to R: Wooden Cat Statue from Guatemala; Akhenaton, one of our three cats.

Akhenaton wakes me up every morning by rubbing his face along mine or jabbing his paw into my armpit. I can't explain.


A student of mine asked me where I get my news (because she liked "my viewpoints"). I told her I read a few different papers, but for online sources I highly recommend New America Media and IndyBay (for those in California). I also like NPR for general news.


My daughter is walking. It's fun around here.


I submitted my sabbatical proposal today. My wife and I both applied, so hopefully (!) we will both be approved and on sabbatical from teaching in Spring 2008. My proposal was to work on a second book, read in support of my first book, and to take on online course in Advanced Poetry. I should hear if we got accepted sometime around early December. If you can rub your rabbit's foot for me, I will take all the good luck you can muster.


OCHO #7 is now out. "Slowness," a new poem of mine, appears.


jenni said...

I'll summon the great rabbit foot spirit. Cute cat. Sort of looks siamese? I like the wooden cat too. That's cool. For news, I read Arts and Letters Daily. Not really news news, but I like it.

Lee Herrick said...

Yep...apparently he's a lynx point siamese.

thanks for your summoning!