Wednesday, January 25, 2006

unforgettable visions/

quick list-----freewrite/no, I'm not going to erase this (in tribute to Michelle Buchanan)

Atop the Temple of the Sun, Teohtihuacan, Mexico. you can see for miles. free.
Dead Woman's Pass on the Inca Trail, Peru. You breathe, fortunate to be alive.
Yankee Stadium at dusk. Beautiful.
that slow train down the Viet Nam coast.

the fish in banana leaf, Rose Cafe, Hoi An, Viet Nam.
Seoul Tower. Prarie Lights and City Lights. Yeah, Elliot Bay and Powell's, too.
that book smell

the smoke and market at Chichi, Guatemala
my dogs in mid-chase after the little blue ball

you know these sights you just can't shake?
the capybaras in Bolivia
Cusquena bottles stacked in Cusco
the fish eye on the plate, Qingdao

and I want to see Michael Owen score a goal in London/
I want to eat a lot in Italy, walk a lot in Buenos Aires/
Florida and New Orleans, I want to walk a lot and drink
in Florida and Rome.

Cayos Cuchinos off the Honduran coast
out into the Caribean. Little David and Dago

catching fish for the meal.
The sunset goes on forever. these visions are stuck there. There's nothing you can do.


Michael Parker said...


Lee Herrick said...

thanks, michael! i'm trying to get the wheels turning again.

Michelle e o said...

Glad you didn't erase it, it's fantasic Lee. Really loved how you ended it.

Michelle e o said...

yeah I meant fantasic, one step closer to greatness without that t.