Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lee's Top Ten Films About Writers/ Writing/ Language

1. Il Postino
2. Adaptation
3. Slam
4. Barton Fink
5. Almost Famous
6. Shakespeare in Love
7. Pinero
8. American Splendor
9. The Hours
10. Smoke

Honorable Mention: Spellbound

Favorite Film 2005: Syriana


Pris said...

I've only seen number one and The Hours. You gave me a good list to work from. Thanks! I loved both of these movies.

Lee Herrick said...

Yeah, I loved Il Postino and The Hours. The latter I should probably see again, since I'm sure it's rich enough to offer something new a second time.

Michael Parker said...

Oh, I have to go see Syrianna. I'm thinking that Munich might be my favorite film of the year, or Crash!

P.s. You have a great list of films here. My favorites are The Hours, Adaptation, and Shakespeare In Love, not in any order.