Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Awesome Poetry Podcast : Livingston, Androla, Campbell, King, Herrick and more!

I will occasionally listen to a podcast. More often than not, though, I have trouble figuring out what's what and how to sift through it all. But as time moves on and I try to more readily embrace technology (I still don't have cable or a cellphone), I realize that there's (obviously?) nothing to fear about podcasts.

In fact, there are some gems. One of them is the latest poetry podcast from MiPOradio, which features poems by Reb Livingston (who has a poem in the forthcoming 2006 Best American Poetry edited by Billy Collins), Ron Androla, Amy King, AnnMarie Eldon, George Lober, Sharon Brogan, John Korn, Pris Campbell (listen to her great poem "God's Messenger" right before mine), Jill Chan, Randall Williams, and yes, moi (a word I now associate with Eileen Tabios, thanks to blogging) Lee Herrick.

The entire podcast takes just a couple of minutes to load-up/download/whatever, and it is about a thirty minute show. You can hear my poem about 17 minutes into the show. Didi Menendez, the creative force of the show, says this podcast is breaking records for anything they've done. Birdie Jaworski and Jenni Russell are also onhand. This is good. Really good. Enjoy.


Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Congrats on the podcast, Lee. Now I just have to bed my techno hubs to download it for me.

Lee Herrick said...

he he he...that's funny/ happy um...downloading.