Sunday, May 29, 2005

Two Cool Blogs

Having just started reading blogs and writing my own in the last week, I am amazed at how many are out there. Ubiquitous suckers. And fun to read. I found two cool blogs:

Asian American Poetry:

Nick Carbo's "Carbonator":

Happy surfing.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,
OK. I'm game, I checked it out and learned that we are both Scorpios...a good thing of course, but then you list 301/302 as a fav film..ewww yuck! There are so many better Korean films. really. although many are dark and a bit creepy and mystical, they are way better than that one. Recently saw Old Boy....bizzare, dark, but also terrific. I'll check the rest of your bloggish writing out later as it's time to help kiddo w/ homework...making sense of Vonnegut~! Cynthia

Lee Herrick said...

I liked 301/302, as grim as it was, but it was one of the first Korean films I ever saw, so I have a real soft spot for it. I still have to see Old Boy...thanks for your comment, Cynthia.

Anonymous Poet said...

Yep. They're everywhere.