Monday, May 30, 2005

Top Ten Books of Poetry by APAs

My list goes something like this. Is yours similar?

1. The City In Which I Love You, Li-Young Lee
2. Nights of Fire, Nights of Rain, Amy Uyematsu
3. Say Goodnight, Timothy Liu
4. The Temperature of This Water, Ishle Yi Park
5. Drawing the Line, Lawson Fusao Inada
6. Half Lit Houses, Tina Chang
7. Rose, Li-Young Lee
8. Leaving Yuba City, Chitra Divakaruni
9. The Unbearable Heart, Kimiko Hahn
10. _________________ the title of your book?

By the way, if you know of literary magazines for, about, or by Asian-American poets and writers, please comment here. I can think of interlope, disORIENT, APAJournal, and a few others but let me know of others. I'm trying to compile a list.


barbara jane said...

great list here, lee. a few of my favorite apa petry books are:

dust and conscience, by truong tran

zero gravity, by eric gamalinda

the vertical interrogation of strangers, by bhanu kapil

i could go on.

anyway, just wanted to say hello!

peace, barbara jane reyes

Lee Herrick said...


I'll have to check out those books, as well as your own. I checked out Arkipelago--a cool place I will have to link to and check out next time I'm there (I live in Fresno).

Cool site, by the way. Thanks for dropping me a line. Stay in touch. ps--congratulations on the mfa!

Lee Herrick said...

barbara, i googled bhanu kapil and read one of her poems from the vertical interrogation of strangers---poem called "tell me what you know about dismemberment"---I loved it. Will definitely be buying her book as soon as I return from El Salvador!

Anonymous Poet said...

There is a poet in Singapore that you might try, Gilbert Koh: (he isn't American, but is writes in an English language style that is certainly accessible to American sensibilities).

Bryan Thao Worra said...

I'll add: Middle Kingdom by Adrienne Su. It's one of my personal favorites.

I'll also recommend the Paj Ntaub Voice Hmong literary journal. It's got some great poetry, short stories, essays, oral histories and visual arts from the Hmong community. If anyone is interested, let me know, and I can arrange a copy for you.

Lee Herrick said...


thanks for your post. i would love a copy of the Hmong voices journal. Where can I send money? I will also look for more of your work when I return home to Fresno (I am traveling in el salvador right now), the home of a large Hmong and Lao population as I'm sure you know. stay in touch.


mor x. chang said...

Thanks Lee,

For posting these wonderful books. I will get them for myself. Being a Hmong poet myself, writing my own life in hoping to be an open poetry book, I admit that I have not read a book for quite sometime, because I have been so busy.

Reading your postings and comments from other viewers encourage me to read even if I have no time.

Thanks! Keep up with the good work!


Shin Yu said...

Some of my faves include:

The Red-Shifting Web (Copper Canyon) by Arthur Sze

Endocrinology (Kelsey Street) by Mei mei Berssenbrugge

Dictee by Theresa Cha

Lee Herrick said...


Great additions to the list. I saw your favorite films...there are a couple I'll have to check out.