Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jason Lytle's Yours Truly, The Commuter

Jason Lytle, former frontman for the great band Grandaddy, has his first solo record coming out on May 19. I've missed hearing new music from Jason after the band's 2006 breakup, but he comes back strong with Yours Truly, The Commuter. You can hear the entire album on NPR.


Yesterday's reading in Modesto was very nice, and it was good to share the stage with my friend, Modesto poet Gillian Wegener. It was nice to see some friends there, too---Stella B., Joe O., Monique (whom I hadn't seen in over ten years), Sharon (my friend's mother whom I hadn't seen in fifteen years), and even N.J. Barr, my senior year high school English teacher. I got to tell Barr, twenty years after graduating, how much she influenced me. It meant a lot to have such a warm audience there, so thank you all for coming. Thanks to Gillian and Cleo for their work in arranging the reading. The room and its acoustics made for a great environment. Viva Modesto!

A partial setlist of the new poems I read:

Spectral Questions of the Body
Kwi Ch'on
If We Are What We Eat
Gardening Secrets of the Dead
My California

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jentwo said...

Jason Lytle is opening for Neko Case at the Warfield next month. I'll be at the first of her two shows there. I'm completely unfamiliar with him but another music-junkie friend of mine is jealous that I'm getting to see him, so I'm quite curious now. I'll have to check out some clips on YouTube so I know what to expect.