Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life ain't nothin but a good groove, a good mix tape to put you in the right mood

The first live concert I ever saw was around 1987---Beastie Boys, Fishbone, and Murphy's Law. I saw the Beastie Boys again few times after that, once at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco, and also at one of my favorite venues, The Warfield. Here they are on Letterman recently, hopping around Manhattan before swooping onto the stage before the live audience.


Oliver de la Paz said...

So funny . . . I remember when they opened for Madonna on her Material Girl tour waaay back. I'm sure folks thought they were a "disposable" act back then. Who knew?

Listening to Girl Talk's FEED THE ANIMALS album. It's fabulous.

Lee Herrick said...

I remember that tour. I didn't go, but it sure must have been quite a show. I love your recommendations, Oliver, so thanks for this latest one. You've never steered me wrong.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Be warned. Girl Talk isn't for everyone. It's an album-length mash-up of pop culture. So if you're into DJ's, you'll like the album. It's really a fun album for those of us music junkies. For example, you'll hear Metallica blend in with Kelly Clarkson for a hilarious riff.