Wednesday, September 24, 2008

jason lytle "sew low" album due in 2008

Grandaddy was great. The band from Modesto, California (where I lived for a while and where my parents and sister live) disbanded a few years ago, but I still think their album Sumday is one of the best records ever made. I actually own it on vinyl. I saw them play at Slim's once, and again at a tiny little bar in Modesto with Earlimart. Here is one of my favorite songs from Sumday, "The Group Who Couldn't Say." It contains a few great lyrics: "The sprinklers that come on at 3 a.m./ sound like crowds of people asking, 'Are you happy what you're doin?" and "Becky wondered why/ she never noticed dragonflies/ her drag and click had never yielded anything as perfect as a dragonfly."

Jason Lytle, lead singer and guitarist, has a solo album coming out sometime this year. I've been so busy lately and out of tune with new music that I hardly ever keep up anymore, but I'm exited about this one.


Lyle Daggett said...

Among the bands and musicians who have emerged large in the public world in the past 3 or 4 years, I especially like Pink Martini. (Their disk "Hang On Little Tomato" is my favorite of theirs.) I also like the Shins.

Anonymous said...

I really like grandaddy's sound. its feel good music and thats what i dig. the shins are the shit. here are some more bands that fulfill my "feel good" needs. Portugal. The Man, Minus the bear, The strokes &&& the Kooks. ahhmazing.

Anonymous said...

anonymous again..ive sat here at my computer for about 30 minutes now, taking in the captivating sounds of Grandaddy. I have a "music jones." Music is the perfect remedy for any wound; the perfect "hype man" to enhance your mood.

Lee Herrick said...

Lyle, thanks for the comment. I'll check out Pink Martini---and I like the Shins a lot, too. "New Slang" was on heavy rotation on my headphones for months.

anonymous, I'm glad you liked Grandaddy---I really like them a lot. And thanks for the other recommendations. I've heard of Minus the Bear...I'll have to listen to them sooner than later.