Friday, September 14, 2007

Random Shreds from This Side of the Fence

Visit Bryan Thao Worra's blog for a nice interview with him in Voice of America. * Congratulations to Craig Perez on the publication of his chapbook * If you will be in Minnesota, mark your calendars for January 25, 2008 at the Loft Literary Center, where I will be reading with Bryan Thao Worra and the amazing Sun Yung Shin. * next month, October 23, 2007 at The Starline in Fresno, don't miss out on KFCF's Fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina relief, with readings by American Book Award Winner Tim Z. Hernandez, Merced's Connie Owens, Devoya Mayo, Lee Herrick, and New Orleans poet & activist Sunni Patterson, who has appeared on HBO's Def Poetry Jam. Treat yourself and watch her video "We Made It" on You Tube. They're looking to raise money. Get your tickets early. Sunni will fill the place. * I'm looking forward to the panel I am a part of at UC Berkeley for the Asian American Art Now program on November 11 * In Oakland, November 2, don't miss it---Korean adoptee artists!---I will be reading from my book, Deann Borshay Liem will be talking about her new documentary, and comedienne Amy Anderson will get you laughing. * I was amused at our President's public address, in which he uttered the phrase "sick of it," which I had never heard a President say in a formal televised address (and yes, I watch nearly all of them). Today, he claimed that we are "making success" in the region. Someday, I think, he is going to walk up to the podium and say, "okay dudes, check it out." *

* I was listening to NPR the other day about a fellow who adopted a child from Siberia and wrote a book about it. It seemed somewhat interesting. But what struck me, as is often the case when such discussions arise, is the notable absence of adult adoptees consulted. You should know, that aside from the ridiculous sensationalism that preoccupies our understanding of international adoption (think: Hollywood), one of the best books ever written on the subject of international adoption was published recently by the incredible South End Press. The book is called Outsiders Within, and its contributors are...yes(!)...adoptees from around the world who are now accomplished writers, scholars, and activists. NPR and other interested parties should contact the publisher to get the editors and writers and their programs.

* & I have, at last, come down from the high of my publication party last week. What a good time it was. * Enjoy the music---one of my favorite songs ("Cassavetes" from In on the Kill Taker) by the great Fugazi.


Jae Ran Kim said...

You're coming to Minnesota! Yes!! The trifecta of adoptee poets in one space will be mind blowing. I could not miss this!

Lee Herrick said...

Jae Ran, I am really excited to be visiting Minnesota! I look forward to meeting you, at last, and it'll be an honor to read with them...January will be here in no time!