Saturday, September 22, 2007

Herrick article in the Fresno Bee

A sincere thank you to Fresno Bee reporter Doug Hoagland for the very nice feature article in this morning's Fresno Bee and to Mark Crosse for the photograph. Hoagland's article touches on my new book, a bit of my background and thoughts on poetry, and student poets at Fresno City College.

Read the article here.

Read two of my students' poems here, as well two poems ("Salvation" and "A Thousand Saxophones") from my book.


& yes, fall is well on its way.


Christina said...

"salvation" was the most beautiful thing i've read in a long time. it was just wonderful. i didn't get to read it in the bee, i don't get the paper. but i'm so glad i read it here. :)

Lee Herrick said...

thank you, christina! i am glad you liked the poem---