Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Inner Circle Line & Maya Poses Before Her Recital of Jim Carroll's "8 Fragments for Kurt Cobain"

I appreciate your feedback on the direction & purpose of the Z Project (I'm still taking ideas & suggestions, by the way). I hope something new will emerge. My dogs heard that the cats might get to read poems, so now they're a little jealous (see Maya, right) and want a shot at the mic as well. Maya favors New York poets such as Frank O'Hara and Jim Carroll.


This film looks very good: Inner Circle Line. And, they have a blog. Director Eun-hee Cho has received a lot of recognition and hype for this film.


I'm finally sending off four new poems to various magazines. One poem's closing tercet was not coming together. It did last night. At last.

The titles are:

Dancing Near a Body of Water
If You Hold This Poem Tightly
Korean Adoptee Writes Letters to Frida Kahlo



Pris said...

I hope I see this one:
Korean Adoptee Writes Letters to Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is amazing and the title has me so curious my brain is itching!

Lee Herrick said...

I was about ready to send off the envelopes, but I read them aloud one more time, and that poem (Korean Adoptee Writes Letters to Frida Kahlo) sounded forced in several parts, and they don't hold together as one poem they way I would like them to. I've been working on them for about six months, off and on, and I hit the point where I just wanted to send them out, but that one's not done.

The poem is a series of three letters that I wrote to her, one about Diego Rivera's Sunday Morning mural, one about "the curvature of spines" and how the body speaks, and one about a dream I had where she painted me as a boy.

I'll keep working on them for a while, but now I'm afraid they have a long way to go. Oh well.

Pris said...

When you do finish that series with her, let me know. It sounds intriguing. I saw both the doco and the movie of her life. This was after I'd seen her art and was fascinated by it.