Thursday, July 20, 2006

I've Joined the Blog Team at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress

I have agreed to join the blog team at Asian Pacific Americans for Progress (and thank you for getting my bio up so fast!). They deal with important issues, and I am proud and grateful to be involved. I will blog on a number of issues, but my attention will focus initially on the November elections, in particular the candidacy of Blong Xiong, who is in a run-off for the District 2 seat on the Fresno City Council.

"Mushrooms do well in the dark. Governments do not."

--- John Dean (yes, that John Dean), on the Al Franken Show two days ago, speaking about the current administration's radical spending and foreign policies and erratic and rogue applications of the law.


If you have nine dollars you aren't sure what to do with, Marvin Bell has a great poem called "Geezers: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld" in the current (Summer 2006) issue of Prairie Schooner. His poem alone is worth the money.


jenni said...

I haven't read PS in a few years. I think I'll buy that issue and see what is going on. Thanks and congrats on the new blog!

Lee Herrick said...

mThere are some other good poems in there also, but I really like Bell's. It addresses his own aging while taking shots (poetic ones, of course) at the Prez, VP, and Rumsfeld. I admire folks who can do that in artistic ways, which I think is tough. On that note, I want to hear Neil Young's new record, which I hear is entirely against the current admin.