Friday, May 12, 2006

Sometimes I Feel Smart

But this week is not one of those times. For the last week I have been unable to figure out how to allow comments to my blogposts again, after a short stint of comment moderation. I've tried all sorts of combinations to try to fix it and I even e-mailed blogger-help, which gave me an automated list of links to try, none of which worked.

Sometimes I feel smart. Like when I successfully assemble a desk with those cryptic instructions that say something like, "Insert A into 2c, while holding F at a 90 degree angle to Y while humming John Lennon's 'Imagine'." I can do that on a good day. And I think I hum in tune even.

But this week/month is not one of those weeks/months. I locked myself out of my office once. Who knows the mileage my pacing would total. Today I tried to burn a copy of Tool's new CD for my friend, and I couldn't remember how to do it.

I'll attribute some of it to overload---stacks of essays to be read, we just moved into a new home, we leave for China in a month, we are on the verge of parenthood (yeah!), and oh first book of poems is coming out next year, and two colleagues and I are signing a contract to write a freshman composition text for Prentice Hall. Can you say busy? But it's a good busy (kind of like people in Fresno say about the 105 degree summer days, at least it's a "dry heat.")

My mentor in graduate school had a small sign on his office door that read, "No Whining." As I am in my twelfth year of teaching, I understand that sign 100%. Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows that I don't usually post personal things...nor do I whine (that much)...but you know, just between you and me, a little releasing of the steam now and then never hurt anybody. Right?


Current reading: Victoria Chang's Circle, Sesshu Foster's Atomik Aztex, Nick Carbo's Andalusian Dawn. Intriguing stuff. Now where did I leave those keys?


fishlamp said...

Yay! Comments are enabled again!


Lee Herrick said...

yeah, finally...i still have it on "moderate" mode for some reason, but i'll figure it out.

hope all's well!

Lee Herrick said...

ok...maybe now this works.

jenni said...

Yay for comments!

I have moments where I'm convinced that i'm going senile, the simplest tasks become difficult. i think stress does not help, I get more scatter-brained when i'm under a lot of stress.

Lee Herrick said...

i'm usually pretty good about staying on top of things, being organized, not forgetting things. But in the last month, i swear, i've done some weird things---i think i'm overloaded...but summer is near and things are starting to slow down a little. time to chiiilll in a big way.