Friday, July 15, 2005

Nick Carbo Rocks

Yeah, Nick Carbo read last night at Fresno State, along with his wife, Denise Duhamel. It was a good crowd in the mood for poetry to escape the 105 degree heat, and the poets delivered. I really liked Denise's poems, read with her "good nature, smartass seduction, brassy intelligence, form-bending generosity" (from A. Goldbarth's blurb), especially "Noah and Joan," the poem about the nude beach in Spain, and the Barbie poem she read. It was an honor meeting her.

And so then Nick Carbo walked to the podium, holds up his digital camera, and clicks a photo. "That one's going on my blog tonight," he said, as the crowd laughed. (Sure enough, he posted the picture last night. View it here).

Nick Carbo rocks. I had heard so much about Secret Asian Man and it was cool to meet him. Hilarious, inventive, and thought-provoking. I loved the one about Barbie in the bar. And then he read a couple from Andalusian Dawn, "Grammarotics" and "Robo," which may have been my favorite poem of the night. I also met Mike Maniquiz, a Filipino writer/teacher getting his MFA, and ran into Paul Aloojian and Mary Lee McGough, poets I haven't seen in a while. I was stoked that Nick had heard of my blog, so apparently there's more people than just my sister and me reading this thing.

Check out Duhamel's latest and Andalusian Dawn, Nick's third and latest book of poems.


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mor x. chang said...


I was fortunate enough to meet Nick Carbo and Eugene Gloria personally after Eugene's reading at Fresno State University the other day. I regret that I missed Nick's reading along with the other poets the evening before. I liked Eugene's poems. He is a Catholic and that's even more cool. Anyway I was glad that I got to meet both of them in person. They are great! I will do a story on both of them.

Thank you for your "blog" information that leads me to many great Asian poets.

I really appreciate your work.