Sunday, August 23, 2009

Loved The Nest reading in Oakland last week---APA & Latino Night---where Vickie, Kenji, Mai, Barbara, and Oscar gave powerful readings, surrounded by the latest art installation by Adia Millet. Can you identify the two poets in the last picture? Hint---Heaven Below and from unincorporated territory authors.


kyungmee said...

I had to leave another comment..First time I have come across a blogger who likes the same as me. Fugazi being one of my favorite bands that I had seen growing up at the city gardens in trenton nj. I love works by Pablo Neruda as well. Two other favorites of mine are The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam and works by Maxim Gorky. I have many..especially latin writings/poems but thought I would share that with you:)

Lee Herrick said...

KyungMee, thanks for your comment. Fugazi's one of my favorite groups. I wish I oculd have seen them on the east coast, especially in or around DC. I've seen them a few times in California...always incredible, as I'm sure you know.