Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Letter from Ken Chen, Executive Director of the Asian American Writers' Workshop

You're a reader, staying up past your bedtime, devouring stories and poems at a time when most Americans no longer read for fun. And you're a particularly uncommon reader--one who believes Asian Americans offer something unique to American culture. Like us, you believe in nurturing anyone who has a story to tell. We believe in showing every American, no matter what the color of her skin, that the Asian American story is a central chapter of the American story.We are asking you to invest in our efforts to build a national home for Asian American ideas.

This year, the Workshop faces a perfect storm that's left us fighting for our survival. While the recession has affected everyone, we were also hit with a lawsuit from our landlord, who sued to evict us for a more profitable tenant. We've successfully settled the suit, but just as the Workshop began as a grass-roots community of friends, we once again depend on you--the individual readers and writers who've made the Workshop what it is--to step in and nurture us.

Thank you,

Ken Chen
Executive Director


To read a longer version of Ken's letter and to donate, please visit the Asian American Writers' Workshop today.

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