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This is from Bao Phi, poet and author of Refugeography:

Fong Lee was a 19 year old Hmong man who was shot to death by a Minneapolis police officer who was given a Medal of Valor for killing him. The reasons why the police officers approached Fong Lee in the first place strongly suggests racial profiling. The police sped across the playground in their cruiser and rammed Fong Lee's bicycle, causing him to fall from it. Fong Lee ran from the officers, and Officer Jason Anderson evidently shot him three times in the back as he ran away, then five more times in the chest as he lay on the ground.

The officer claims that Fong Lee had a gun in his hand. There are numerous discrepancies here. Watching the video, there is no gun in Fong Lee's possession. There was no fingerprints or DNA from Fong Lee on the gun, and the gun itself was traced back - to the possession of the Minneapolis Police Department itself. The community had long alleged that the officers planted the gun to justify the murder of Fong Lee.

Well, it looks like the judge threw out many of the claims:

A lot of community folks and family members have been working hard on bringing this case to light, and there will be a rally this Monday. Please come and support, and spread the word far and wide.

-Bao Phi

Rally for Justice For the Family of Fong Lee

Join us on Monday, May 11, 2009

8:45 – 9:45 am

Warren E. Burger Federal Building & United States Courthouse
316 North Robert Street
100 Federal Building
St. Paul, MN 55101

On Monday, the family of Fong Lee will be meeting with Minneapolis City Council members to negotiate a settlement in the shooting of their son and brother. We will stand in support of the family, and ask for an Independent Prosecutor to investigate this death. We will also be demanding additional changes in policy in the City of Minneapolis to make it a safer place for people to live.

The Police Force should represent Protection for our communities, not Peril!

It’s time to make things right!

Places to park:
1) Meet at Lao Family at 8:00 am and take a chartered bus to the Courthouse.
Lao Family Community of Minnesota, Inc.
320 W. University Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55103
2) Meet at Joseph’s Grill at 8:00 am and march with others across the Robert Street bridge to the Courthouse.
140 Wabasha St S
St Paul, MN 55107
3) There are also meters on the street and parking ramps in downtown St. Paul.


Anthology of Hmong American Literature

Call for Submissions:

The Hmong American Writers’ Circle (HAWC) in association with Heyday Books will publish an anthology of literary writing focused on the Hmong American experience, specifically on the connection to the Central Valley, its land and people. A section of the anthology will include original artwork/photography.

Deadline to submit: August 31, 2009


Topics: experiences involving Hmong/Hmong Americans in the Central Valley
Accepted genres: poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, plays
Format: Microsoft Word, size 12, Times New Roman font (should you be sending pieces that require you to vary sizes and font styles, please email your concerns prior to submitting, to:
Previously published pieces accepted (please ensure you have rights to reprint)
Simultaneous submissions accepted
Publication in this anthology is not limited to only Hmong American writers
Pieces written in Hmong accompanied with an English translation are welcomed


Submissions in multiple genres welcomed
3-5 poems, 1-3 pieces of fiction, 1-3 pieces of creative non-fiction, or 1-3 plays
Only email submissions accepted, please send your submissions to:
Include a cover letter discussing your background (include any experiences as or with Hmong/Hmong Americans in the Central Valley), and literary accomplishments or publications (if applicable); cover letters should include name, address, phone number and email

Contact Information -
Website -

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