Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dual Citizenship for Korean Adoptees

Please forward the following press release from G.O.A.'L, whose commitment and hard work has resulted in a remarkable development: dual citizenship opportunities for Korean Adoptees. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel for G.O.A.'L. The press release is below.


International Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
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Multiple Citizenship for Korean Adoptees!

G.O.A.’L welcomes suggested law proposal by Ministry of Justice

Seoul, 21st May 2009 – One year ago Global Overseas Adoptees’ Link (G.O.A.’L) launched its worldwide “Dual Citizenship Campaign”. G.O.A.’L is the only NGO/NPO in Korea that is run by Korean adoptees. It represents the worldwide Korean adoptee community within Korea. Since then G.O.A.’L has been in close contact with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ). On behalf of the MoJ G.O.A.’L conducted a survey among Korean adoptees and adoptive parents which proved a strong consensus that multiple citizenship should be allowed for Korean adoptees (239 participants, thereof 97% with positive attitude). On 22nd July 2008 G.O.A.’L was invited to represent the worldwide Korean adoptee community at a public hearing organized by the MoJ.

G.O.A.’L welcomes the announcement by the MoJ to include Korean adoptees into the category of those who could benefit from the suggested law proposal. Many Korean adoptees will appreciate this change of system from a single citizenship to a multiple citizenship one. Korean adoptees represent Korea as true “Global Koreans” in many ways, in their adoptive countries or in countries they choose to live in.

The suggested law proposal leaves some issues open for discussion. Military service is among the most important ones. Others are that Korean adoptees with multiple citizenships would not be eligible for any special quotas for foreigners at universities or at international schools, for example. Or it would not be possible to apply for a government scholarship that is assigned for foreigners. Within Korea those who reacquire their Korean citizenship would be treated just like any other Korean citizen.

Nevertheless G.O.A.’L believes that giving Korean adoptees a choice to reacquire their original Korean citizenship, which they never chose to give up in the first place, is a very important step towards recognizing Korean adoptees as what they are, as “Global Koreans” and as citizens of their adoptive countries.

The MoJ announced in its press release of today a public hearing for June 2009 with participation from all interested parties. The suggested law proposal will then be submitted to the National Assembly in July 2009 where it should be passed within one of the regular sessions.

G.O.A.’L would like to express its gratitude to the Ministry of Justice for considering the adoptee community’s point of view. G.O.A.’L would also like to thank its special advisor, Professor Lee Chul-woo (Yonsei University, Law School), for all his efforts on behalf of the worldwide Korean adoptee community. G.O.A.’L will continue to work on behalf of all Korean adoptees. This future law change will prove important not only for all Korean adoptees but also for all other international adoptees.


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There will be a bit of a wait involved, and then I suppose people will decide if they'd like to apply. That's my situation, at least.