Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rincon Point
, the world famous surf-spot ten minutes south of Santa Barbara, is like a second home to me. In 1939, my great-grandmother built the very first beach house here, and not much has changed (original wood floors, no television)---but now there are pretty big homes surrounding it (Kevin Costner has a place about eight houses up the road). I've come here every year for about thirty years (I'm here for the weekend), so you can imagine how good it feels. The grand Pacific Ocean is about twenty yards from the deck. These waves, as I fall asleep---probably my favorite sound in the world. "Yoga on the Beach" and "For Bob Marley" (poems from my book) were both written while staying here. My grandmother, who passed away recently at age 96, was an extraordinary woman, and her joy and love of Rincon and Ojai permeate the house. I am thinking of her tonight. The ocean slows everything down.

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