Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brilliant Music

Stephen Malkmus and Jicks
. "Dragonfly Pie" is sonic and lyric bliss, in my humble opinion. I saw Pavement at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco in 1996, among 100,000 other people sun-baked and singing, and hopefully I can see the new band do its thing soon. Their latest album, Real Emotional Trash, is "a fantastic psychedelic feast, full of cosmic guitar crackle and electric piano and batshit poetry. It's the album Malkmus has been driving at ever since he learned how to rip off the Velvet Underground and Quicksilver Messenger Service at the same time — a full-body baptism in John Cipollina's bong water."


Oliver de la Paz said...

SO jealous that you saw Pavement.


Lee Herrick said...

They were awesome---even though we were really far from the stage.