Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Memorial Service Video for Julia Ji-Hye Mendelson in Seoul, June 6, 2008

At Julia's blog, they have posted the video from the memorial service for Julia Ji-Hye Mendelson on June 6, 2008 held at KoRoot. The strength, bravery, love, and kinship in the video gave me chills as I have never experienced them. Jane Jeong Trenka reads the eulogy, John's eulogy, and my poem "Light," which was written for Julia, and there is a wonderful reading from Julia's blog. Pastor Kim, Dae-won, Jane, John, Ranaan, Leila and all who were touched by Julia's life---I send my love. Julia, you will always be remembered.

Watch the service here.

Update: Julia wrote a poem called "Who From, Where Going?" before she passed. It's wonderful---you can read it here.

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John said...

Thanks for posting this Lee. I hope all is well.