Monday, June 9, 2008

~ I have three new poems forthcoming in ZYZZYVA: (*update--check that: I have one poem forthcoming, late August issue--"My California")

"My California"
"The Impossible Replication of Desire"
"Portrait of the Korean Adoptee with Partial Alphabet"

~ My chest is nearly vacant as I read some of Julia's last words.

~ Just purchased: How the Soldier Repairs the Gramophone by Sasa Stanisic.

~ Right behind that: I need to play chapbook catch-up --- Barbara Jane Reyes, Suzanne Frishkorn, Jenni Russell.

~ Looking forward to seeing the hilarious Amy Anderson perform in the City of Angels later this month.

~The weather this weekend was beautiful. Its beauty warrants discussion sometimes, you know.


Peter said...

Congrats on the poems.

Julia's story was very moving.

Barbara Jane Reyes said...

Hey Lee, congratulations on ZYZZYVA. Hope you enjoy my chapbook(s). Actually, not sure which one you have. In case you do not have both, please backchannel your address and I'd be happy to send!

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks Peter and Barbara!