Saturday, May 17, 2008

Images from Seoul, continued, and Lee Herrick in KoreAm

The article about my book in KoreAm is now online. Thank you again so much to Corina Knoll, Eric Sueyoshi, and Angela Mi Young Hur. In the article, Hur writes, "It would be simplistic to say he [Herrick] writes in reaction to his past, but what is undeniable is the human connection that Herrick values, even, and especially, as a poet who writes in solitude." While you're there, you should check out the interview with Kim Sunée, author of Trail of Crumbs.


I had lunch with Poet Kim Ki-Taek, author of several collections. I met him at a panel I was on last year at the Berkeley Art Museum while he was a visiting writer at Cal.

The legendary KoRoot, where I finally got to meet Jane, Nicole, Dae Won, and Pastor Kim.

One day, Han jeong sik for lunch in Insadong.

One night, a protest against Myung Bak Lee in front of City Hall.

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