Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thank you to Liz Scheid at Fresno Famous for interviewing me about the forthcoming issue of In the Grove, devoted to the late Andrés Montoya, and about the release party this Thursday, April 10 at Arte Américas in Fresno, California. Read it here.

Thanks, too, for the support from Francisco Aragón, who directs Letras Latinas at the University of Notre Dame. This blog post includes links to an interesting online backstory to the creation of the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize.


Debbie said...

I've been reading at Barbara, Oscar and Craig's blogs about how wonderfully this reading went. I love, love, love hearing evidence of a poetry reading eliciting community and spirit (and not just some odd ego-boosting activity, or something read for performance's sake). So nice to hear about a vibrant literary Fresno, too :)

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks, Debbie. It was really a nice event. Hope all's well with you.