Monday, April 21, 2008

Chicago AAAS 2008

Chicago was great. I saw the Sears Tower from a distance and Wrigley Field as well. I also saw Lake Michigan and ate at Giordano's, which is consistently rated among the top deep dish in the city. The wait was forty-five minutes, but it was entirely worth it. There were also two great dinners (on Friday and Saturday night) at one of the best Korean restaurants I've ever been to (open 24 hrs!), and then on Saturday night, noraebang and a fun night of singing, although I was mostly just humming along, banging on the tambourine now and then, and working on the tasty soju. It was nice meeting so many people I had hoped to meet and getting to know others a bit more. It was kind of exhausting, but it was a great time. And did I mention the poetry reading? It was an honor reading with Nicky Schildkraut, Purvi Shah, Joseph Legaspi, and Jennifer Kwon Dobbs. The room was almost full, and I thought the reading was wonderful---thank you to the Association for Asian American Studies for having us, and thank you to Jennifer for bringing us together.

Joseph Legaspi and Patrick Rosal

Nicky Schildkraut and Lee getting silly at noraebang

from left to right: Nicky Schildkraut, Jennifer Kwon Dobbs, Purvi Shah, Joseph Legaspi, and Lee Herrick

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Hyun said...

looks like good times!