Sunday, March 2, 2008

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Pris Campbell tagged me with this (about a month ago...what happened to February?):

"If you were to liken your poetry to a musical genre and match it in its intrinsic elements of poetry to a specific form of music, artist or even song(s) what might that (those) be? So let's say for the sake of comparison that if you were to choose 5 songs, pieces and/or artists which would best approximate your poetic sensibilities and style which would they be? If possible post them in You Tube form."

I don't know that these songs/genres necessarily align with my poetry or sensibilities per se, but they've influenced me and I am sure in some way infiltrated my poems. If nothing else, I loved each song at one point in my life, and perhaps still do. I got carried away and did ten. Honorable mention: Grandaddy, The Rolling Stones, Ben Harper, and From Monument to Masses.

maybe, more than enough
who is righteous, what is bold
what you think, that the world owes you?
with a pocket full of shells
rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun
what we need is awareness, we can't get careless
lick my legs, I'm on fire
how can you say, i go about things the wrong way
I'm of several minds, I am the worst of my kind
way out in the water, see it swimmin'

Oh--and from 1991...

If you would like to be tagged, have at it.


poetry readings in March in Fresno: Rick Campbell on March 4 and Yusef Komunyakaa on March 13.


Anonymous said...

That's a cool way to express yourself! Peace

Lee Herrick said...


Pris said...

I finally got back to the blogs. Great choices, Lee! I especially love the way you titled your links:-)

You rock!