Monday, February 11, 2008

This Sickens Me

From Gang Shik's blog, The Transracial Korean Adoptee Nexus, I learned about this sickening hate-crime against Kyle Descher, a Washington State University student. In the article, John C. Hughes of The Daily World in Aberdeen does not shy away from the clearly racist attackers, who have yet to be found, calling them cowardly and appropriately, he calls the attack a hate-crime. Hughes happens to be Descher's uncle, so there is an additional reason for Hughes' anger. I'm sure Hughes did not mean to make light of the racism children face by writing about the "garden variety" taunts Kyle (and his own children) faced growing up, but rather (giving him the benefit of the doubt), Hughes clearly understands how violent and racist this attack actually was. A reward for the arrest of the assailants is increasing by the day, and I have written Hughes informing him of my concern and my contribution to the reward. I am with you, Kyle, as are many others. Click here to read about the attack.

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