Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This Many Miles from Desire reviewed in MiPOesias

Happy Thanksgiving.

& : My book is reviewed in the latest issue of MiPOesias, one of the best things going in contemporary American poetry. My gratitude goes to Michael Parker for his insightful, thorough, and affirming review of my book and Didi Menendez for her vision.

Please visit and spread the word---mipoesias.com---the December 2007 issue includes an interview with Billy Collins, by Jenni Russell, and poems by (and great pictures of): Gabriella Torres, Christopher Stackhouse, Ken Rumble, Reb Livingston, Sara Femenella, Michelle Buchanan, Miguel Murphy, Sean Kilpatrick, and Barbara Jane Reyes.

*update*: You can buy this issue in hardcopy online here.


Anonymous said...

hey lee, i just downloaded and read the review . . . WOW! that man LOVES you. what a thorough and thoughtful review. you must be jumping out of your skin. nice job. it must feel great to know how much your poetry matters. keep it up, my friend. it matters a lot. -- sam pierstorff

Lee Herrick said...

i was indeed thrilled with the review, sam, no doubt. he really looked closely at and throughout the book, i think. i appreciate your nice comments. coming from you, it means a lot.