Saturday, June 16, 2007

not a standard bio (or, how the summer heat is affecting my brain)

To your list of helpful essays on poetry and the craft/non-craft of it all, regardless of the school of poets to which you faithfully subscribe, I would highly recommend "Craft Non-Lecture," by Philip Levine, from his book, So Ask (2002). The essay first appeared in Missouri Review in 1987.


In a strange moment of weirdness (after reading the bios for the new issue of digital artifact), I came up with this new bio for myself, which I may never have the occasion to use, but I will share here. Any poet who reads this, whose first name begins with any letter from B to Y, should consider him or herself tagged. And, if anyone can guess (on the honor system--no googling) the reference from which I draw the content of my new bio, please reveal it in the comments. No monetary prize will result, but you may well indeed have good luck for 48 uninterrupted hours.

Lee Herrick was born in Seoul, South Korea. He writes poems. He is the king of rock, there is none higher. Sucker MC's should call him sire. To burn his kingdom*, you must use fire and he won't stop rockin' til he retires.

* In actuality, there is, of course, no kingdom.


oscar said...

based uopn yr new bio, i think my bio would go like this-
"Oscar Bermeo finds it tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time. Yes, Oscar believe it is tricky... it's tricky."

thanks for the 48 hrs of luck!

Lee Herrick said...

oh, man, you should go buy a lottery ticket! very nicely done...

i saw them and the beastie boys on the 'together forever' tour in the 80s and was hooked.