Wednesday, June 6, 2007

good music x 2

"Off the Grid," Beastie Boys (new)

"Shooting Star," The Invisible Cities (what? you haven't heard The Invisible Cities? listen to more of them here).

Han from The Invisible Cities, from SF. They're working on a new album, I hear.


Michael Parker said...

Love the Beatie Boys! Great song. Has many classic-rock elements to it. An immediate favorite. Sending to all my friends now!

Thanks for introducing Han and The INvisible Cities (great name, btw). The chorus on this is great. great voice. Checking this group out more.

Lee Herrick said...

Glad you like these, Michael. They both captured my mood the other day pretty nicely.

amy said...

Nice - I like Han. BB goes without saying.

Lesa said...

Invisible Cities--hadn't heard of them. They're good! Or he is, anyway. I wonder when the album will be out.

Check out Dawn Xiana Moon--she's another Asian American who plays the guitar. Great voice.

Lee Herrick said...

glad you liked it, amy. btw, i loved that yellow ledbetter thing you posted at your blog.

lesa, you too. i listened to Dawn's song called "Strong"---pretty nice! thanks for the tip.