Sunday, January 28, 2007

The New Blogger

I was able to switch over to the New Blogger, which isn't all that different as far as I can tell, except that I lost my old profile (which included my picture and the number of visits, which was 3,999). So I wrote a new profile, which is much like the old profile. I'm not too disappointed about either loss, since the number of hits isn't all that exciting and my photo was just a regular reminder of how funky my hair really is. On the upside, it gets me thinking about what picture to post now (if I can figure out how to do it)---I am deciding between pictures of a bicycle, a half-eaten plate of phad thai, me in a grocery store holding our daughter, and a boy standing on the edge of a boat in Cambodia.


Pris said...

Hi Lee
I switched, too, two days ago. Today , I can get my email notification of comments but get an access error bx-vjhbsj and am told to report it (but can't find a place to do so except the general help board). I can't access comments directly from my blog either. Same code. I was testing to see if I could comment on your blog. So far so good. Comments opened up. Now to see if you're able to respond. If not, it seems to be a wider error that they'll figure out eventually. (And I loved your old picture:-)

Lee Herrick said...

Pris, it's a funny thing---this morning when I read your email, I tried to access my blog, I received the same "access error" bx-vjhbsj message you have been getting. Later on I tried it, and I had no problems. I think the blogger goblins are drunk and partying.

i think i might just put the old picture up again---if i can figure out how to do it on this blogger. it's kind of a pain. it's leading me to this program called picasa if i want to post a picture....oh well. fun and games, right?

Surazeus said...

I vote for the photo of you with your daughter. The spirit of your life and love incarnate in the sweet little child. I have two daughters so I know the feeling of pride and joy.