Saturday, July 8, 2006

Thirteen Things About Me That Are Weird

Lorna did it. So did Jessica. So here is my list---

1. I was in a band in high school called Yogi and the Booboos. I kid you not.

2. I seem to get paper cuts at least five times a year.

3. I love grilled meat on a stick---somewhere in Latin America or Asia. Squid's best.

4. For years my favorite movie was Raiders of the Lost Ark. It's still in my Top 20.

5. I love to hum.

6. I'm very superstitious. Not sure where this comes from, but in college I wore the same blue t-shirt under my jersey for every soccer game (yes, I washed it) and my grade book for teaching is the same green, tattered one I've used for years. I figure it's good luck.

7. I did a stage dive once. It was after the Booboos played the intermission of a dance. The crowd was kind of sparse, so instead of people passing me along the top of the crowd, I jumped into a guy's arms. He caught me, gave me an odd look as if to say, "Dude, why did you jump into my arms?" and put me down. It wasn't pretty.

8. I love the British Romantics (Keats, Byron, Shelley) and the American Transcendentalists.

9. My Korean name means "bright light." (okay, this is not weird, but at least interesting)

10. I have a freckle on my nose.

11. No cable for fifteen years. Little desire to get it.

12. I harbor a belief that I am somehow related to the Cavalier poet Robert Herrick. And I am not the Lee Herrick of Fresno who sells chickens at the County Fair. Although they are fine chickens.

13. I've got JFK's assassination all figured out.

* * * * If it's slow at the shop, go ahead and list yours.


Jessica Smith said...

See, these silly little quiz things are made worthwhile by stories like stage-diving Booboos! That's hilarious.

(Everyone loves the Romantics, don't they? Who doesn't, in his/her heart of hearts, commiserate with Shelly? Even with political/canonical issues surrounding "loving the Romantics," there's that raw emotional energy that I, for one, just can't get past. "Ode to the West Wind" is one of my favorite poems.)

Ji In said...

LOVE the band name!

Lee Herrick said...

One of my other favorite poets, Philip Levine, has written nicely on the influence of Keats, and I can't imagine many other groups of poets writing with such energy and flair. I also love "Ode to the West Wind."

Ji-in, I don't know how we came up with the name, but we just did the band for fun, so maybe that's why we had a silly name. I was a Booboo.

Bryan Thao Worra said...

My 13 Things

1. I raise crustaceans, most notably hermit crabs and sea monkeys.

2. My favorite films usually include John Carpenter and Kurt Russell. The Thing and Big Trouble In Little China in particular.

3. I've been to Hell, Michigan and accidentally bought $6.66 cents worth of merchandise, which they said had never happened before. (There are witnesses.)

4. I almost discovered my long-lost father in Laos until he turned out to be just a swindling gay Buddhist monk with mystical powers who was my mother's best childhood friend she used to go the movies with.

5. I still read comic books. Mostly good ones.

6. I used to support art-house and independent films almost exclusively until I realized, alas, art house and independent film makers can also still make crap as easily as commercial studios. Thanks a lot Lunatics, A Love Story.

7. I was once struck by a blue Corolla crossing the street in Ann Arbor, Michigan less than 10' in front of my parents, freaking out the carload of blonde teenagers who were driving it. I walked away unscathed, but somewhere along the way lost my hat.

8. I understand frogs and toads are a vital part of the ecosystem and think we should protect them, but you still can't get me to touch them or eat them.

9. I'm a second-generation adoptee- my biological mother was also adopted.

10. My adoptive grandmother knew Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald, and Liberace.

11. I'm a lousy driver and an inveterate packrat. Which is still better than being an invertebrate packrat.

12. At various times I've made an extensive study of organized crime, esoteric demonology, Asian cinema, the Kogen Itto Ryu school of kenjutsu, calligraphy and semiotics. Still waiting for these things to have a practical application in my life, but go figure.

13. I like long black trenchcoats and broad-brimmed hats.

Lee Herrick said...

There's a Hell, Michigan? Yikes.

Kimberly said...

Paper cuts only 5 times a year? I must be doing something wrong, Lee. I get them all the time. Hmmmm...dry skin + dry long winters is probably my problem.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Great, now I have to go make a list. And, welcome back Lee!

jenni said...

I love your list!

#12 cracked me up.

I think "bright light" is the perfect name for you.

I too love meat on a stick and often get papercuts.

Raiders of the Lost Ark is a fantastic movie -- I love the whole series.

Lee Herrick said...

K, I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets paper cuts. It was starting to worry me.

D, thanks! it's nice to be home.

J, I agree, those whole series is great. For about a month, when I was twelve, I think I wanted to be Indiana Jones.

Lee Herrick said...

I mean, 'that' whole series.