Thursday, July 27, 2006

Five by Five Meme

I've been tagged by Daddy in a Strange Land. Here is my take, with Weigook Saram's alteration:

Five things in my freezer:

1. Seven ice packs
2. Boca Original vegan burgers
3. Trader Joe's sourdough bread
4. Frozen cranberry juice
5. Ice

Five things in my closet:

1. A shirt I got in Cusco, Peru (see picture above). It's one of those things you buy traveling certain you'll wear it at home but never do.
2. A new blue paisley tie (to add to my pathetically limited tie selection. I'm not a big fan).
3. A lot of my wife's clothes
4. Some cat hair
5. A shirt I got in Thailand.

Five things in my car:

1. Car seat for our daughter
2. Ming-ming (daughter's favorite doll)
3. Back support pad
4. CDs (currently in rotation: Sometimes Sober, Stone Temple Pilots, Arctic Monkeys, Jimi Hendrix, a compilation CD I made, and Jazz for Kids).
5. Maps of California and Fresno

Five books/magazines on my nighstand:

1. The latest Poets and Writers
2. The latest Sports Illustrated
3. Metallica: This Monster Lives
4. Goodnight Moon
5. Pity the Drowned Horses, Sheryl Luna


If you've ever bought a shirt while traveling and didn't wear it (much) when you returned, consider yourself tagged. You know you have.


Jessica Smith said...

Haha-- I want to do this one too. I frequently buy sweatshirts when travelling because I never pack enough warm clothes... then i never wear them because of course they're the lamest cheapest sweatshirts i can find...

Lee Herrick said...

It sounds like you're tagged. The cheap sweatshirt purchase definitely qualifies.

(oh. and I liked your list...the Girl Scout Thin Mint may be the perfect food).

Well, maybe in the Top 20.

Jessica Smith said...

Ha-- Thin Mints, yes. Great when frozen. Have you tried an iced mocha with a peppermint shot? It's Thin Mints for summer.

Every spring I have to hunt down the little cookie-bearing pixies--

Bryan Thao Worra said...

I'll consider myself tagged by this thanks to an ugly shirt from Thailand that looked really good at the time. Must have been the heat.

Five things in my freezer:
1. A bad box of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
2. Parts of a ceremonial chicken from a Hmong funeral.
3. Frozen bratwurst buns I'm never going to get around to thawing out.
4. A box.
5. A lightbulb.

Five things in my closet:
1. A snowblower
2. Lots of books.
3. Some hermit crab food.
4. Power cords to unknown items.
5. A tiny christmas tree.

Five things in my car:
1. A poem by Bao Phi
2. Brass chicken-foot candleholders.
3. A Tasmanian Devil car freshener.
4. A set of Dungeons and Dragon dice.
5. A barely-used toolbox.

Five books/magazines on my nighstand:
1. Mental Floss
2. Hyphen Magazine
3. Dark Wisdom
4. A book by Clark Ashton Smith
5. G-Fan

Lee Herrick said...

I haven't tried that, but for a minute I shuddered with flashbacks of the peppermint schnapps days. Whoa.

Great list, Bryan. I guess the snowblower is a Minnesota thing. It's like the fog in California's Central of those weather things you just get used to...

Robin said...

The combination of poet-books and baby-books sounds very familiar.