Sunday, June 4, 2006

Germany 2006, Let the World Cup Begin!

If I had to sprint right now, I would probably pass out before I reached the end of the block, but there was a time I was in decent shape and deeply involved with soccer. I played all my life---early on as a kid, four years of college soccer, and then some semi-pro club teams---and although I stopped playing a few years ago, I always get really, really stoked for the World Cup. We don't have cable, so I watch it on Univision (where the commentary is better anyway) or I'll go to a restaurant and watch a few games.

This year, it's in Germany, and the teams I'll be rooting for are South Korea (ranked 29th), the United States (ranked 5th), and Brazil (ranked 1st). As for the Golden Boot, I favor Ronaldo, Michael Owen, Ronaldinho, and yes, even Landon Donovan. I'll also be rooting for the United States' Brian Ching, the Houston Dynamo striker who is also the first Hawaiian native to play in the MLS. The World Cup beings June 9.

I'm a happy camper.


Goran said...

Serbia is favorite :)

Matthew said...

For something on Germany's chances at the World Cup, visit my blog.

jamie ford said...

It's an amazing day to see the US men's ream ranked 5th.

The best man at my wedding is in Germany right now. He was in France four years ago. I'm sure he's busy painting his body red, white and blue.

burning moon said...

Yay, soccer is about the only form of football I can bear to watch. The guys have such nice legs, lol. Okay, well, the game is pretty good to. My sons played soccer. Our national sport is rugby though, and their supporters are fanatics. It's like a religion here. So if you prefer soccer you pretty much keep a low profile.


Lee Herrick said...

Isn't that true, how weird it is that the U.S. is 5th? I remember the Alexi Lalas days where the U.S. was still really struggling.

And I've heard that rugby fans are pretty rabid...I don't know if the U.S. has an equivalent.