Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Blog Becomes a Book

About once a month, I think that my blogging days will end. I would go on reading them and posting, but I don't know how much longer I can blog. Maybe it's a short attention span. Or maybe it's because I would rather read them. When I started blogging about a year ago in El Salvador, I didn't really know what I was doing. Not much has changed. But I have found some great blogs I enjoy reading every chance I can.

But I have to say how much I love the Korean adoptee bloggers I've met. This was a very nice result of blogging. I didn't know I would meet so many awesome people. I read them as much as I can, and I hope to meet more adoptees. Talk about instant connection.

I've also come across blogs that I'm sure would make interesting books. A new one I like is Made in Korea. And then there is one of the best blogs out there, Twice the Rice --- funny, insightful, dead-on writing about Korean adoptee culture and other tidbits. Ji-in, I hope to buy your book someday.

I found an interesting article on blogs becoming books. Check it out here.


Lee Herrick said...

Actually, Made in Korea is not new---it's just new to me (I'm a little slow sometimes).

Ji-in said...

Lee, you flatter me. :-)

I'm looking forward to seeing your book in print.

Jae Ran said...

woo hoo! adoptees rule!

seriously, please continue blogging, along with the other two mentioned, yours is one i obsessively check several times a day to see what new thing you are going to write about.

yes, my name is Jae Ran, and I am a blogaholic.

Lee Herrick said...

you're so modest, ji-in!

& jae ran, thank you for your nice words. i'm checking yours out now, too! it is addictive...

jenni said...

I know what you mean about not knowing why you blog. I am like that sometimes too. But I am starting to think that the blog as a medium requires a different style of writing, just like you have different expectations when you open up a newspaper or a tabloid or a book. I have been thinking quite a bit about this lately and experimenting with it, and it probably sounds very strange, but I do think that 'blog' writing could eventually become a genre of writing--I do not know so much if it would work "on the page"--some blogs I find very eloquent, smart, etc, but I'll be damned they just don't work for me as "blog" reading, seems they'd be better off in print. Anyways, this stuff interests me quite a bit and I could go on and on but I won't bore you to tears any longer!

ps I enjoy your posts on this blog.

mudeng said...

Lee, you are too kind. Thank you. I so treasure the KAD blogging community! You are on my list every day to see what new poem, interesting issue, or new artist you've discovered. Thanks for carrying on! I'd be sad if you left the blogosphere.

BTW, are you going to the IKAA Gathering? We're planning a get-together (informal) of bloggers and partners and whoever to hang out one evening in Seoul.

Bryan Thao Worra said...

My vote is of course: Do it all. Make a blog that becomes a book that becomes a movie that becomes a t-shirt and an action figure.

I'll second Jae Ran on adoptees rule. Or am I thirding/fourthing.

My only caveat to it all is the same advice I give all of my pupil-peers: Match the message to the medium. Know when a poem is a poem and not a bumper sticker, a short story from the novel chapter and a book from a future screenplay or stage production.

Each medium has its own strengths and "limitations" that allow us to do amazing things within each.

And master writers can navigate most of these, if not all.

And masters at being human know it's important to try even the things we can't master...

Lee Herrick said...

jenni, you and i share a lot of similar thoughts on blogging. i love reading yours, you know. feel free to write more about your thoughts here! or at your place, which i'll read, i'm sure.

mudeng, thanks for nice words. i guess i need the encouragement after some deflating blog discussions going on. and yes, i am hoping to go to seoul next summer. it was be awesome to meet up!

bryan, you're right. and like pam said at bjr's, when is there going to be a thaoworra blog?