Sunday, April 16, 2006

WOMB Poetry is Cool

I found the link to WOMB at Jessica Smith's. WOMB is a great resource of women's poets/poetry/blogs, with a magazine launch planned soon. The blogowner, "Michelle," must be cool. Her profile reveals that she's a scorpio and likes early punk. These are usually good qualities, in my experience.


femme feral said...

thank you! *you* are cool.

fishlamp said...

Liking early punk is good enough alone to qualify for "cool".

Thanks for the link to WOMB... very cool in itself.

Lee Herrick said...

yeah, it looks like a really nice site...hope all's well!

Pris said...

You find the best places, Lee!!

jenni said...

is the clash considered early punk?

if not, what about the cramps?

i think i may be cool. but i'm not sure.

Lee Herrick said...

well i'm definitely not the judge of cool, but if i were for a day i'd say hell yes, jenni...the clash qualify in my book. i didn't get into the cramps, but i l loved the clash, sex pistols, groups like that.

oh. cool. rod stweart's on tonight. go daughtry.