Tuesday, April 25, 2006

a quickwrite for my students, on a prompt i gave them in class (thank you, sandi, for writing this down)


If I could say only one thing to you, right
here, right or terribly illogical, I would
say ____________ and pray
we try something that will elicit laughter:
stomping through the mud with our best shoes
on, shoveling the beans into our mouths
with our hands. Listen: I hope we cultivate
what matters: you, them, how we wake.
This is what I would I say.


Michelle e o said...


Your students must love your class Lee.

Lee Herrick said...

I think some really enjoy it. Others might think I'm crazy.

jenni said...

I wish you taught here. i know I would love your class.

Lee Herrick said...

thanks, jenni. i can say one thing...i love teaching. there's something about being involved in an engaging learning atmosphere, you know? i think it would be cool having you in class. i'm sure i could learn a few things, too.

mparker38 said...

I love this as well.

Bryan Thao Worra said...

Does Poetry Matter?

If the rules required things to matter, we'd be bereft

of all goldfish

bits of our body

most words, apparently


and beautiful things too kind to let on that they know how beautiful they are

In the end, not even things that matter matter without those things that do not matter

So we write poems
And pray we have not destroyed

without reason

in the name of matters

Lee Herrick said...

bryan, i love your response/ poem!

Lee Herrick said...

thanks, mparker38.