Saturday, April 8, 2006

buy these books, read these blogs

peanuts in the shell. corona. the waves are here, telling their stories. the cats snuggle in. what a life.

if you want to buy three great books, buy these:

amy uyematsu stone bow prayer (copper canyon)
barbara jane reyes poeta en san francisco (tinfish)
brian turner here, bullet (alice james)

i wouldn't mind exchanging positive thoughts on any of the poems in these books with you. those who just want to complain, this blog isn't for you. but i'm telling you, these are extraordinary books. buy them and take them in, slowly.

i also recently found out that blas manuel de luna (also from fresno, like brian turner), whose book was a finalist for the national book critics circle award, has a blog. i discovered this at lorna dee cervantes' blog, where she lists her "30 excellent poetry bloggers discovered this year." check it out.


Amy said...

Thanks for the book recommendations; I'm always looking for good poetry.

Lee Herrick said...

sure thing. i see on your blog you highlight some good poets also...i'll check in for more!