Wednesday, March 1, 2006

Is There a Better Band?


Anonymous Poet said...

Sorry, I prefer the Beatles and U2.

Lee Herrick said...

yeah, those could very well also be the best bands ever.

and maybe the stones.

Anonymous Poet said...

OK. I'm glad you approve. Zepplin's good, too. But they are not as lyrical as the Beatles or U2 -- which is something that I like.

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: )

jamie ford said...

I gotta throw the Who in there.

And Night Ranger.

(I hope to God you know I'm kidding about Night Ranger).

Lee Herrick said...

yeah, a colleague of mine said that he would vote for the who. i saw them live once...pete townsend is as awesome live as you'd think he'd be.

oh, man. i just had a "sister christian" flashback. whoa.

Lyle Daggett said...

The Doors, The Doors, The Doors!

That's if we're talking about bands in a strict sense (i.e. a group of musicians).

My favorite musician, however, is Joni Mitchell.

Lee Herrick said...

Yeah, I'd put them in my top 10 probably...maybe top 15. I'd squeeze Pink Floyd before them, though.

Michael Parker said...

My vote is U2. But that doesn't mean I don't like LZ or The Doors or Pink Floyd or ACDC (for that matter).

Lee Herrick said...

sometimes i wonder what would have happened if bonham, zeppelin's drummer, didn't die and they didn't subsequently disband. how many more great records might they have made?

U2 is awesome. no doubt one of the best. i would put REM barely a notch below them as groups from their era worthy of the best band ever title. i wish i'd seen REM live in their early years.