Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Thank you to Mor X. Chang, the creative spirit behind, who is featuring my poem "Ghost in a Museum" this week.

Check it out here.


Ji In said...

Beautiful poem, Lee. I *really* liked this one. (I mean, I've really liked all your poems that I've read... ) You've got such a natural talent. It just flows.

Lee Herrick said...

Oh,'ve made my day :)

thank you for your kind words and support

Hannah said...

Excellent poem, I really enjoyed it. I have a small museum-poem fetish, true, but this one pulls nicely on the tension between what is remembered/forgotten in our own lives, and what the museum culture remembers/forgets.

My favorite bit:

"Yes, it is like floating, being in a museum—"

So true. So true.

Lovely work.


Lee Herrick said...


Thanks for your nice comments on my poem. It was triggered after visiting one of the major museums in Vietnam, which actually has Ho Chi Minh's old tan outfit he wore everywhere. I'd also spent a lot of time the year before in Lima, Peru, so I guess a museum poem was inevitable.

I'll plan to read more on your website (I love the name of it, by the way). There was no for you....but I guess I'll just read the poems and enjoy! Thanks for stopping in.

mor x. chang said...


You're very welcome! It's my pleasure featuring your work at the site. Poeple loved your poem! Thanks for the encouragement!

mor x. chang said...

forgot to tell you that i loved your poem, too.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Wow, another great one, Lee. Your words are effortless and ring true in one's spirit. Thanks for sharing.

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks, Mor. Thank you, Dana. I'm glad you both like(d) the poem. Museums have a strange effect.