Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bands I (Have) Love (d) With a (!) Behind the Ones I've Seen Live/ Or, It's Saturday and I Don't Feel Like Grading or Doing Yardwork.

Archers of Loaf/ACDC/Ahn Trio/Beastie Boys(!)/Beck(!)/Ben Harper/Bob Marley/
Built to Spill(!)/Clash/Creedence Clearwater Revival/Doug Martsch(!)/Earlimart(!)/
Evens(!)/Fishbone(!)/Foo Fighters(!)/Fugazi(!)/Grandaddy(!)/Jane's Addiction/Led Zeppelin/Liz Phair(!)/Modest Mouse(!)/Mike Park/ Nirvana/Pearl Jam(!)/PJ Harvey/
Public Enemy(!)/Pavement(!)/Queens of the Stone Age(!)/Queen/Rage Against the
Machine(!)/REM/Radiohead/Run DMC(!)/Rolling Stones(!)/764-Hero(!)/Smashing
Pumpkins(!)/Soundgarden/Shins/Tool(!)/U2(!)/The Who(!).

2 local (Fresno) bands I really like: Sparklejet(!)/The Same Shape. The noise outside my window: leaf blower and barking dog. Be tagged if you desire.


Michael Parker said...

Excellent musical taste, Lee!

Michelle e o said...

I see a lot I like here but two that stand out for me are Nirvana and Pearl Jam, love them!

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks, Michael!

Michelle e o, yes, I really like all the groups from and around Seattle back then...I saw Pearl Jam at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. They were awesome...