Thursday, November 17, 2005

We Heart Seattle

Seattle is a beautiful city. We spent four days there--saw a great foreign (Israeli) film called Ushpizin, saw Liz Phair in concert at Neumo's, saw the Space Needle (from the bottom only), went to the zoo (rightfully considered one of the best in the country for its treatment and rehabilitation of animals), ate some delicious food, and did our fair share of shopping.

Here are a few random photos:

Polly says hello, Seattle.

University Ave. near U of W.

What we all deserve, a seat near the front. Thank you, R.P.

A selection at the Pike Place Market

Lee says 'cheese' on the Monorail


barbara jane said...

i heart seattle too and will be up there next week. these are great pictures, lee. and that crab! omg the crab!

Pris said...

Great shots!! My father went to Seattle waaay back in the sixties or so and went up on the Space Needle. In the south, when you wanted regular mild in a restaurant, during those years, as opposed to buttermilk, you asked for 'sweet milk'. The waitress just looked at him and said they didn't have 'sweet milk' but she could bring him some regular milk and sugar:-)

Looks like you had a blast!

Lee Herrick said...

hah...great story, Pris. Even though we didn't go up the Space Needle, it was really can see from all over Seattle.

BJR, are you going for pleasure, work, a little of both? I think you'll like it.