Friday, November 25, 2005

The Most Intriguing (and Sensual) Male Poets of 2006 Calendar Is Now Available

I am the proud poet of May 2006 in the Most Intriguing (and Sensual) Male Poets of 2006 Calendar, now available here from MiPOesias based in Miami, Florida. Of course I have to giggle a little when I try to imagine myself as intriguing and/or sensual, but I was happy to be asked to do it and I am very proud to be part of this great fundraising effort.

The calendar features pictures of and poetry by nationally renowned poets Richard Blanco, Taylor Mali, Michael Parker, Jon Bohrn, Randall Mann, Bill Allegrezza, and more---a poet a month for a great cause.

What is CFIDS? Many people think CFIDS, Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, is just about being 'tired'. That's one extremely significant symptom, but not nearly the only one. Any day now, CFIDS will, hopefully, be reclassified into the category of neurological/immunological illnesses, rather than 'illness of unknown origin'. It affects concentration, short-term memory, the ability to learn new things, causes dizziness, balance problems and visual problems, such as blurred or double vision. It can also cause tinnitis, muscular 'roaming' pain, noise sensitivity, sore throats and voice loss, killer headaches, TMJ, difficulty following conversations and that dreaded 'brain fog', to list the main symptoms. Unfortunately, government agencies have ignored this illness. Barely any funds are available for adequate research. There are no telethons for CFIDS and no celebrities raising money. It's not even taught in most medical schools. It is indeed an illness in much need of support, truly the 'forgotten illness'.

Click HERE to view and order the calendar.


Ji In said...

What? No shot of you in your boxer briefs, à la Mr. September?

Lee Herrick said...

I couldn't do it...

but hey, I had bare feet...doesn't that count for something?

mor x. chang said...


I'm very proud you all who show support to make a difference in the lives of those who suffer CFIDS! I'm honestly touched by this!

You have my full support on this cause!

Many great blessings to you all!

Pris said...

Thank you so much for posting about the calendar and taking part in a project that's so meaningful. As you know, I have CFIDS and to have had this show of support by you all has meant so much.

And hey, I think your shot is great! Bare feet were quite daring:-)

Nicole said...


I have CFIDS, and let me just say that it is truly great to see such support for CFIDS research. CFIDS needs to be recognized as a true physiological illness and stop being dismissed as a psychological condition. It is so refreshing to see a non-CFIDS sufferer supporting us. This is an excellent way to raise awareness of the illness.

Thank you to you, and all who put this calendar together.


BlueTattoo said...

Very nice journal...enjoyed my stroll through it.

Lee Herrick said...

Hi everybody,

Thanks for your nice words of encouragement...Nicole, I agree with your thanks to those who put it together. Blue, thanks for dropping by!

Michael Parker said...

Hi Lee. Your picture is great! I think it is the best one. If that is your backyard, I am green with envy!

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks, Michael. Yours is nice, too. I hope more people buy the calendars.

And yes, that is indeed my backyard. Funny thing...while my wife was taking the picture, my two dogs would come up and jump on me---clearly not caring that there was a photo session going on...I think she snapped that picture right before they came running up ready to pounce again!