Sunday, September 4, 2005

Mike Park's "Keeping This Seat Warm"

Call it premature, but after hearing only one song, my new favorite band/musician is Mike Park. Park, formerly of Skankin Pickle (who a college buddy used to swear by) and now the head of Asian Man Records and the Plea for Peace Foundation, sings a beautiful new song called "Keeping This Seat Warm" on his new record.

Park's cool voice reminded me of Elvis Costello, and the energetic but spare acoustic guitar and drums reminded me of my other favorite (somewhat) new band, The Evens--led by the great Ian Mackye. It's fitting that Park's sound reflects Mackye's drive, since Park's record company (Alkaline Trio and others) emulates Mackye's Dischord Records. It's really a great song Park sings and plays. I'm going to buy the CD as well.

Anyway, he is also an activist (no wonder I like the guy) and from what I can tell, he walks the walk. Or, in the case of his fundraiser for a teen center, he rides the ride. At his website (click here to visit) you can make a tax-deductible donation to his bike-riding fundraiser, as well as check out his blog, some cool photos, and of course, you can hear my new favorite song.

More power to you, Mike.

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