Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New Website Devoted to Asian Poets

Mor X. Chang, a former student of mine, has created a new website devoted to Asian American Poetry. She has kindly featured me as her first "poet spotlight." Laotian poet Bryan Thao Worra is serving as advisor, and I wish Mor the very best with this exciting new endeavor!

Visit here.


mor x. chang said...


I am glad that the site is finally launched. It is my pleasure to have you as the first poet on the spotlight (front page.)

It took me two months just to have all the plans and goals met. The site is not yet fully completed. We have more add-ons, such as lyrics and short stories.

The website is solely designed to strengthening, encouraging and promoting Asian poets from all around the world.

I believe that Asian poets deserve to be praised and acknowledged.

Glad to be a part of poetry.

Keep up the good work!

Pris said...

Lee, It's a wonderful website and what an experience it must have been to be one of your students. You always carry yourself with such grace and your poetry sings in my soul.

Lee Herrick said...


I enjoy teaching poetry. And what a nice thing that my poetry resonates with you as it does. It's strange (but beautiful, of course) how poetry and language sometimes moves us. I'm often caught off guard by certain poems and their beauty...a few of yours have done that for me as well...those are the ones I am always drawn to. Somehow they startle me, you know? Anyway, thanks.

louisgibson26425744 said...
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