Tuesday, August 2, 2005

I Need a New Name for This Blog

After the fun of posting a picture of my cat, it's clear that the name of my blog is a bit misleading. I can't in good conscience go on posting pictures of my toy chasing cat on a website called APA Poetry and Activism. In the recent past I have also posted about Martin Espada and Poets Against the War. So I'm thinking I need to change the name of this blog. I will still post on poetry and activism, but there are too many other things that I feel like writing about (i.e. films, music, cats, dogs).

I thought about titles of my favorite Led Zeppelin songs, number combinations, and even the exciting "Lee Blogs Here." I'll try to come up with something soon...

Uggghh...this is hard. Blogger's block...if you have ideas, lay 'em on me.


mor chang said...


I think the new name of your site and the idea of writing about music, films, cats and dogs are positive.


mor chang said...

Just thought of an idea.

mor chang said...

Just thought of an idea.

Sincce you're going to be writing about films and music, why don't you also feature famous people. Singers, actors or actresses, like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and so on are favorable.

barbara jane said...

hey lee, i really like "you are here." i really like the "fat free offerings" as well!!

peace, bjr

Lee Herrick said...

Thanks Barbara (and Mor). Yeah, I like this name a little better too.

Pris said...

Hi Lee
I struggled with a name for my site, too, for the same reasons. I didn't want to limit it to one category. Since you've been on it, you already know it can cover whatever enters my mind. Your idea works for me, as does the suggestion you just got. Another idea (that might fit mine more:-)'Here, There and Everywhere' , from the Beatles.


mor said...

I love your new name, "You Are Here."

It was the topic (name) of my brother's painting workshop he did during the HANCA convention last June.

I'm impressed. I love it!